What have we be doing in the last few months

This has been a busy year for Blue Red Blue Training Services Southwest Ltd.

A large portion of the year we have been lucky to be chosen by a company in Bristol to work on there behalf delivering training for there client base,but we have also been lucky enough to have been selected by a contractor at Hinkley Point C to deliver Forklift Training to team Members and update their skill base on new equipment.

The contract will be an initial 2 months,but we have just been informed they require us to continue training for them as they are happy with the service we have provided.

Our main goal is to build client relationships to enable us to work long term,for continuity and to continually develop the companies training program.

We have also been asked to represent another client to continue our work in HMP Prisons to help develop training for inmates to ensure they get a chance to learn new skills, to give them a working chance or getting work ,earning money, and not be dependent on crime.

What about the future,we enjoy delivering work on customer sites as the work is in a working environment it helps deliver new skills and confidence,but also familiarises the workforce with the companies work equipment.

If your company is interested in training you can contact us through our website,or call us.