What does our company do and what do we want to achieve.

19 Jun

Training operators in you business is an investment to improve the way your business is run but also to being able to invest and develop your work workforce.

So why do we deliver training?

To enable you as a business to reduce accidents and ensure that your employees work in a safe environment,

Also as an employer you have a legal responsibility  to ensure that you keep everyone safe at your working environment.

What do we need to deliver training for you?

Our instructors have to have attended training  through a recognised Accrediting body to enable them to deliver the correct training as laid down and recognised by the Health and Safety Executive.

What do we offer your business?

We are a recognised Category 2 operating Training Training Provider and we are registered with AITT (Association of Industrial Truck Trainers) and ITSSAR (The Independent Training Standards Scheme and Register),this means that the certification you receive for training in recognised throughout the United Kingdom and your detail are held on a Data Base for companies to check competence of training received.

How do we deliver the Training?

We follow the ACOP ( Approved Code of Practise for Rider Operated Lift Trucks) which can be downloaded for free. The training is delivered on your site and a time of your convivence to enable your business to train on your equipment. All required Guidance for training can be viewed on the downloaded L117 Document.

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