National Accreditation

National Accreditation
AITT Accredited Training Provider

We are an accredited Category 2 Operator Training Provider with the AITT (Association of Industrial Truck Trainers) & ITSSAR ( Independent Training Standards Scheme & Register) offering accredited training, which means we can  deliver training and issue an accredited certificate,recognised by the HSE and approved governing bodies.

As an accrediting recognised provider of training we have to be re-registered every 5 years to prove we can deliver the correct training.

As a Category 2 Operator Training provider we are able to issue accredited certificates on behalf of the AITT & ITSSAR following the HSE guidelines as laid down in the Approved Code Of Practice for Rider Operated Lift Trucks  L117 dated 2013.

We also receive a yearly audit from the accrediting body to monitor our training and audit our paper to ensure your piece of mind that the training is delivered safely and correctly.  

Certification.: When an operator has  received accredited training, the information is held on the Accrediting Bodies data base and an employee or employer can check if the training that has been carried out is registered.

When receiving In House Training, the certificate is held by the employer to use only on their premises, which is recorded as evidence in training records only, if an operator leaves your company they would need your permission as a company  to be able to get proof of training.

Proof of training is required to attend a refresher or convertion,without proof of training the operator would have to re attend a training course.

The benefits of on site training is that it ticks all the boxes,

 Operator training should always include 3 stages:

Basic Training: The basic skills and knowledge required to operate a lift truck safely and efficiently.

Specific Job Training: Knowledge and understanding of the operating principles and controls of the lift truck to be used and how it will be used in their workplace.

Familiarisation Training: Applying what has been learnt, under normal working conditions, on the job