Conversion training enables trained and experienced operators to extend the range of lift trucks they are qualified to drive. Conversion timings can be found on our services page on selection of type of training required.

It involves learning to operate a truck of a different category, such as a counterbalanced operator converting to operate, for example, a reach truck, an articulated lift truck, or very narrow aisle man-up stacking truck. 

 It is likely to be appropriate for an operator to also go through conversion training where, for example, they are already a fully trained operator on a counterbalanced truck (for example electric, small) but want to operate a significantly larger or more powerful counterbalanced truck. 

 Approach conversion training with the same attention to detail as basic training so that all gaps in and variants on existing skills and knowledge are covered during training. There may be significant variations in the arrangement or application of controls, even in the same truck types. Conversion training should follow a similar pattern to initial lift-truck training, including basic, specific job and familiarisation training. Operators also need testing on their ability to operate the new truck in the same way as they were tested after their initial basic training.