Gantry Overhead Crane Training


The Overhead Gantry Crane course content is as follows:-

  • Operating the crane safely in accordance with the manufacturers handbook and demonstrate   knowledge of the concepts set out in the Approved Codes of Practice
  • Demonstrate a competent understanding of the cranes controls and proper use of the lifting tackle estimate/determine the weight of loads/centre of gravity
  • Use appropriate crane signals and communications
  •  Types of lifting tackle and their applications
  •  Methods of slinging and lifting as well as an appreciation for the angles of a lift
  •  Isolating faulty equipment/procedures for fault reporting
  •  Methods to protect loads from damage
  •  Attaching lifting equipment to slings/carrying out a test lift/how to plan a lift
  • 0,Practical Examinations,Knowledge Examination.

NoviceDelegate 1Delegates 2Delegates 3
Gantry Overhead
2 Days2 Days2 Days

Gantry Overhead
1 Day1 Days1 Days

Gantry Overhead
1 Day1 Day 1  Day

Gantry Overhead
0.5 hrs1 Day1 Day