P1 Pivot Steer or Bendi Truck.

                                                         Course Aims

  • Introduction & Aims,Responsibility of the operator,Operational Safety Code.
  • Basic Hydraulic & Electrical systems,Refuelling / Recharging,Daily Safety Checks & Maintenance.
  • Site Safety,Simple Manoeuvring,Advanced Manoeuvring.
  • Stacking & De-stacking (Free & Racking),Risk Assessment.
  • Vehicle Loading,Practical Examinations,Knowledge Examination.
Novice1 Delegate2 Delegates3 Delegates
P1 Pivot Steer3 Days4 Days5 Days

P1 Pivot Steer2 Days2 Days3 Days

P1 Pivot Steer1 Day2 Days2 Days

P1 Pivot Steer1 Day1 Day1 Day