Slinger and Signaling

Course Aims:

  • Carrying out visual pre-use checks of the lifting accessories.
  • Attaching the load to the crane correctly and in accordance with the lifting plan.
  • Giving the appropriate signals to the crane operator for the lifting, transferring and positing of loads in a safe manner.
  • Detaching the load from the crane.
  • Ensuring that the lifting accessories are stored correctly and reporting any defects.
  • Working safely at all times.
  • Health and Safety issues
  • How to estimate and determine the weight of loads and centre of gravity
  • An understanding of all lifting tackle for various applications
  • Methods of Lifting and Slinging as well as an understanding of sling angles
  • Selection of appropriate types of lifting tackle [Ability to isolate equipment that is faulty / fails to comply]
  • Procedures for fault reporting
  • A method for protecting loads from damage
  • Attaching lifting equipment to the slings
  • Carrying out a test lift/How to plan a lift
  • Training on the various types of hitches that can be used when lifting
  • Responsibilities of the slinger signaller
  • Trained operator theory test
Novice1 Delegate2 Delegates3 Delegates4 Delegates
Slinger and signaller2 Days2 Days2 Days
2 Days

Slinger and signaller8 hrs8 hrs8 hrs
8 hrs

Slinger and signaller4 hrs8 hrs8 hrs
8 hrs