Accredited and Non Accredited Training

Material Handling Equipment Instruction.

Accredited or In House, but what is the difference, what is the best for your business.

Blue Red Blue Training Services Southwest Ltd is an AITT Accredited Category 2 Operator Training Provider and we provides businesses with cost-effective training programmes that will suit every operation, from small scale operators up to multi-national corporations.

If an Operator claims to be trained and experienced you should ensure that the Operator has evidence of past training.

A forklift qualification IS NOT A LICENCE,it is a certificate,and most companies employing forklift operators will do an evaluation or retest anyway,as an operator can not operate equipment without THE EMPLOYERS PERMISSION AND AUTHORITY.

What is Accredited Training.

AITT Accreditation has countless benefits for companies training operators, such as inclusion in the AITT Online Training Directory. (ACORNS)

As an accredited training provider, we will consistently maintain standards of training, beyond the required minimum, with all registered instructors and companies accepting that our activities will be independently monitored.

The AITT accreditation schemes and standards are guided by the Approved Code of Practice for Rider-operated lift trucks: Operator training (ACOP L117). 

The code has special legal status. If you are prosecuted for breach of Health and Safety Law, and it is proved that you did not follow the relevant provisions of the code, you will need to show that you have complied with the law in some other way or a court will find you at fault. 

The purpose of belonging to an accredited body, is so we can be audited to ensure that we follow best practice,and to have up to date information and legislation,and PROVE DUE DILIGENCE In a court of Law.

If requiring AITT Accredited training all trainees where required are registered with AITT under their ACORN scheme  ( Trained Operator Passport Scheme ) which is recognised by the HSE and throughout the Industry,

Registration costs are per trainee,included in the price of training.

What is In house training

On Site (In House Training) conforming to the requirements of the Health and Safety (ACOP) Approved Code of Practice and Guidance Rider Operated Lift Trucks-Operator Training L117.

In House Training needs to be delivered by a Category 2 Accredited training instructor,or at a Category 3 Training Centre.

Once In House training is completed we will issue a certificate on behalf of the employer,with will remain as an In House certificate Only,the certificate is proof of training,also a training record is kept for proof of training in the event of an accident.

Training we deliver, we deliver AITT accredited training and as required by the ( L117  Approved Code Of Practice and guidance for Rider-Operated Trucks) we will issue you with evidence of training by issuing a certificate of training which you need to keep as a record to prove that training has been delivered.

Delivering Training.

All Instructors who instruct and deliver training must have attended training and require registration with a governing body, which could be, ITSSAR, RTITB, AITT.

This certificate is not a Licence.

There is no such thing as a Forklift Licence, a certificate is issued to prove you have received Basic Skills Training, Specific Job Training, Familiarisation Training, once training has been completed and recorded ,the certificate is evidence to allow authorisation from the employer for the employee to use Material Handling Equipment on their premises.

We will also give you guidance on how to issue authorisation.

On all courses, the trainees will receive a Certificate to Operate, 

Accredited Certificates can be transferable from business to business, In House certificates are for use  only on employers site only.

Certificates are for proof of training attended, evidence and  proof in the company training records,for evidence of training received.


All applicants should be should be physically fit, in good health and should, generally, not have problems with eyesight or hearing, heart disease, high blood pressure, epilepsy or fear of heights.

At the start of the course the instructor will check that the candidate to check eyesight and glasses requirements.

Companies should organise a medical before commencing training through their Occupational Health Provider,  if you are concerned please give us a ring as these things do not necessarily mean that you cannot train.


To instruct an operator to prepare and safely operate a Forklift Truck, or Material Handling Equipment and follow Best Practice as well as upon completion obtain an Operator’s Certificate.


At the end of the course the operator will:

Be aware of the current Health and Safety regulations, accident prevention and control of risk in the workplace while operating machinery on site.

Be aware of the needs regarding personnel protection and the need to refer to the machine Operating Manual.

Drive the Forklift safely and control the machine to correctly position and carry out the required tasks in a correct and safe manner, inside and outside a building with regard to safety.

Carry out effective pre-use checks and daily maintenance prior to commencing work and the correct and safe method of operating the specific machine as well as the correct emergency procedures, capacities and limitations to enable safe operation.


This is broken down into 3 Parts.

Part 1: By a theoretical assessment test paper of 25 Questions. 

Part 2: Pre-Start Operational checks.

Part 3: Practical skills driving test.

Certification is included and course handouts / manual will be given out to each trainee.

For the types of machinery we provide training and assessment for, please check our services page.

What do we charge for our training?

When On Site Forklift Training we charge a day rate and expenses, to maximise value ensure on Novice courses a maximum  3 candidates attend with, 1 instructor on 1 piece of equipment, we can not instruct for more then 3 candidates to 1 instructor on any course,unless instructed to do so, dependant on type of equipment being trained on.

The training ratio will be explained in our service page for training required.

If to require pricing for In House or Accredited Training, Please call us or message us and we will send you costing information on request.

Our address is our our business registered address only,so if you write to that address you may not receive correspondence.